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There are several ways to order:

  1. To order by mail please fill out the subscription form, then print it from your web browser and mail it along with payment to the address below. In this method no information is sent over the internet. Actually you may want to print it twice-one for your records, and one to send to us.

  2. To order, and send payment by email transfer, please click here for further information and instructions.

  3. Call us. We can now accept credit cards over the phone, as well as by mail or fax. (You should never send them by email--it is not secure.)

  4. You can use these pre-configured PayPalŪ buttons to process your subscriptions online.

Subscription Rates [updated June 10, 2012]

One Year Subscription

Use this button if you live in:
Ontario, New Brunswick,
Newfoundland and Labrador

One year $48 + 13% HST $6.24 =$54.24


Use this button if you live in:
British Columbia
One year $48 + 12% HST $5.76 =$53.76


Use this button if you live in:
Nova Scotia
One year $48 + 15% HST $7.20 =$55.20


Use this button if you live in:
Alberta, Manitoba
Northwest Territories
Prince Edward Island
Yukon, Nunavut

One year $48 + 5% HST $2.40 =$50.40

If you use these buttons you do not have to fill out any additional form. The information is only needed once.

Sample copies: $8.00 plus $2.50 postage + HST in your province = $11.00 CDN approximately, shipping adjusted for destination.

Order Sample Copy Here by PayPal®: