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Advertising Rates for the CWJ

Who Reads the CWJ? Information about our demographics.

Advertising Deadline Dates

Updated June 12, 2012:

Sept 15th

for November annual release

Word Ads -PRINT Format

80 cents per word, minimum of 20 words including name and address.

Address counts as 4 words only.

Display Ads -PRINT Format

Camera Ready Ads preferred, but not necessary. If the text can be inserted into the body of an email, we can set it up for you from there. (There is no charge for the set up, and it is actually much easier for us this way.)

If you have the layout done as a .pdf tiff, jpeg, or gif file, we can handle those easily as well.

Reviewed as at June 12, 2012



(2.1" wide by 1" long)



(2.1" wide by 3.5" long)



(4.2" wide by 3.5" long)



(4.2' wide by 7" long)

Canadian Advertisers add 13% HST.

US and other countries: Remit in US Funds and DO NOT add HST.

Web Site Advertising:

All website advertising considered will be subject to CWJ editorial approval; we retain the right to refuse ads we feel are not suitable for our audience. Our email and/or subscription lists are not for sale. Advertising is marked as advertising. If we find that the focus of the advertising has changed since its initial acceptance, we reserve the right to pull the ad off the site and will refund any balance of time owing minus an administration fee of $25.00 (Canadian Advertisers please add HST-13%)

Web advertising will be accepted for pre-determined and pre-paid time frames.

Small Web Link on Main Index Page

(call for current web statistics) (includes set-up)

One Month (30 days)

$45 CDN

Two Months (60 days)

$65 CDN

Six Months (180 days)

$145 CDN

Small Web Link on Writer's Links Page

(call for current web statistics)

One Month (30 days)

$30 CDN

Two Months (60 days)

$35 CDN

Six Months (180 days)

$55 CDN

Inquire at our Service Desk for any further information, including set-up, or other time frames.