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CWJ Short Fiction Contest
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Click here to download these guidelines in PDF file for off-line reference. Short Fiction Contest Winner's Lists




Prize Money & Publication in Choice Works
HONOURABLE MENTIONS Receive Publication in Choice Works

  • Entries must be original, unpublished stories, any genre, maximum length 2,500 words (accurate word count please *NEW longer length*). Entrants must be Canadian citizens, or landed immigrants.

  • Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, and prepared in standard form except that no identification of the author is to appear on the manuscript itself.

  • Name, address and a short biography (200 words) of the author are to be submitted on a separate sheet to accompany the entry.

  • Manuscripts will NOT be returned, they are destroyed at the end of the competition in our fireplace. Send #10 (business size) S.A.S.E. for contest results only. If no SASE is included, we assume that you will keep an eye on the website for contest results.

  • Entries received too late for one deadline will be held over for the next deadline date. If you include an email address, an email confirmation that your entry has been received will be sent. A self-addressed stamped postcard would also be another way for you receive confirmation that the entry was received.

Winners to be announced and prize winning stories are published in the Canadian Writer's Journal. Entry gives permission to include all the contest winners in Choice Works which is published and available separately. Winners receive a complimentary copy.

ENTRY FEE: $10.00 for each story. (HST is included). Any number of stories may be entered as long as the entry fee is included for all of them. Only one cheque or money order is necessary for multiple entries (as long as the total matches the entry fees for the number of entries.

Entries must be postmarked by April 30th

No extensions. Entries received after the deadline for one contest will be held over to the next deadline date unless you give us different instructions.

Decisions of the Judge(s) are final, and NO correspondence will be entered into concerning them.

Send entries to:

Short Fiction Contest

Canadian Writer's Journal

Box 1178

New Liskeard, ON


Winner's Lists 2011 and onward

Winner's Lists 1996-2010