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Short Fiction Update | CWCC Update | Website Features | Newsletter Latest Issue: June 20, 2013

Dedicated apprentice and professional writers used the information they found in Canadian Writer's Journal to acquire the edge they used on their way to publication. Many first-time writers got their start in the Canadian Writer's Journal because we were looking for terrific material, not reputation.This website has many resources for writers and is being continued for that reason.

2013-July 29 Results of the Writers Union Survey of Canadian Writers on Educational Copying . This affects all writers in Canada.

Link to the 2014 edition of the Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar

How is your writing career progressing?

The Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2014 lists Canadian writing contests and book awards for the year 2014 arranged by deadline date. If you think that you'd ever have time to write and still know where to find all this information, collect it, and organize it, call me. Anyone who says they could compile all of this on their own has never tried to do it. Have a look at the Table of Contents for the 2014 Edition here. 2014 is now available as an ebook in both EPub and Kindle formats.

Great gift for the writers on your list. It's the nicest encouragement a writer can receive, aside from an acceptance letter.

If you missed the 2014 edition, it's always time to make sure your contest listed in the 2015 edition. Use the link and forms on this submission page to get the details to us, and we'll try to spread the word. Send the email at any time of year; new information may be listed on the Updates page, so check from time to time. Make this year your writing contest gets noticed.

CWJ-February 2012 mailing June 2012

For our favourite list of writing-related websites,click here to access our Writer's Links page. For information on Canadian writing contests see the Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar. Calls for Submissions are arranged by deadline date. We're grateful for your input.

News and Updates

Due to post-operative illness, coupled with the sheer volume of work, the publishing schedule of the CWJ was too seriously behind to catch up. And it is too well-loved to disappear entirely. We appreciate the heart-felt calls and letters of support. Our main work in book publishing has pushed the CWJ aside, and with the price of postage, the CWJ is too expensive a proposition to ressurect as I had hoped. And it's taken quite a lot longer than I thought to realize it.

This website has many important sources for information and will remain online. For new writers in Canada, there are people and organizations out there to help. Our Writers Links page has a fair listing of many of them.

Winners for the April 2011 Contest are now posted. The winners from the past contests are being collected into 2 much larger paperback books called Choice Works 15(Sept 2006-April 2010) and Choice Works 16 (March 2002-March 2006), replacing the single chapbooks for those contests. I have been contacting all those winners in the next little while. Choice Works 15 is available now, and 16 and 17 are in process.

The CWJ Short Fiction contest has been cancelled. We are finalizing all previous contest winners and issuing all prizes. Our main work in book publishing has pushed the CWJ aside, and with the price of postage, the CWJ is too expensive a proposition to ressurect as I had hoped. It is possible that an online version may become available.

Click here for Winners for previous contests.

Who Reads the CWJ? Information about our demographics.

We have changed over our Mailing List to a different internal system. If you have previously signed up for the CWJ Newsletter, you will be receiving an email to confirm your willingness to stay with us. If you have tried recently, and unsuccessfully to sign up, please try again with this new internal system. If you have previously signed up, we have imported the older addresses into this system. As per our privacy policy, this list is not sold or shared. The emails will just alert you that a new Newsletter is now posted and give you the link to it. If you just prefer to check out our Newsletter online instead, they are archived here for reading at your convenience.

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